Production Services

Turn Complicated Into Compelling With Your Branded Podcast or Video Series

Podcast Production Services

Podcast and Video Series Production Services

We develop some of the most well-respected influencer content series for healthcare marketing and tech organizations.

Advantage #1

Other podcasting services help with production, but they rely on you to provide the guests and topics, and to grow your own demand and engagement. Clients run out of topics and guests quicker than they expect. We provide you with access to our network of subject matter experts as guests to supplement your own pipeline.

Advantage #2

With us, you receive the brand boost of having top healthcare influencers to help you grow the podcast’s demand and engagement. We amplify the reach of our shows by cross-promoting within our influencer channels and here with the Shift.Health Network.

Single Season Package

  • 1 season
  • 20 episodes, 1 per week
  • Length of term: 6 months
  • Length of episodes: 20-25 minutes per episode, max 30 minutes
  • 5,000-word blog post – full episode transcript for the hearing impaired
  • Technical setup and consulting
    (recommending equipment, microphones, etc.)
  • Hosting setup and monthly hosting fees
  • $18,000 ($3,000/month)

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