Post Pandemic Changes – AI, Interoperability, Cloud Framework

in this episode of This Week in Health Tech, Vik and Jimmy comment about planning and changes healthcare organizations will need to make to incorporate tools and workflows to be better prepared for next pandemic. Vik provides examples of tools being used at Cleveland Clinic and other leading healthcare organizations.
They comment about the exponential growth of Telehealth usage since COViD-19 and how it is being implemented.
Virtual teams is not just used for patient-doctor communication but also used by clinical care teams for care coordination. Example use of Microsoft Teams in healthcare organizations.
Vik comments about how organizations will need to make changes to quickly adapt and implement  new workflows and tools next time we face COViD-19 or any other pandemic.
Cloud integration framework deployment using Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud will become crucial for healthcare organizations as per Vik and Jimmy. 

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